Sustaintech AS

Sustaintech AS

  • Trond Ingebretsen
  • 2016
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Fra selskapets hjemmeside:

SustainTech is an environmental technology company that will contribute to sustainable solutions for society and industry.
We were founded in 2016 by a group of experienced businessmen, engineers and scientists who shared an ambition to use technology to address environmental issues.

Our mission is to develop and deliver services and products that will contribute to concrete environmental improvements.
We wish to contribute with the development, verification, use and commercialization of technology.

Our main focus is the clean-up of pharmaceutical and hormonal contaminants in water, especially from aquaculture and agriculture, where large flow rates are involved.

Our company’s turnover will consist of 4 main elements:

  • Licensing of developed technology or process, including participation in 3rd party technology development
  • Delivery of complete facilities (sale and leasing as well as remote operation of these)
  • Management and implementation of innovation projects (one-off contracts, fixed price contracts)
  • Consultancy (time sales, time & material contracts) (public and / or privately financed)